Global Asset Management Center



The Renesent Properties Asset Management team works with you to evaluate the potential of valuation and cash flow against actual performance. Hence ensuring that you can maximize your wealth creation plan. We offer insights on how you can increase both the value of the property as well as the cash flow that you derive from it. Our suggestions will help you to improve the performance of your real estate portfolio.

"Enhance the Value and Cash Flow of Your Real Estate Holdings with our Commercial Real Estate Asset Management Services"

Strategic Advice and Consulting

Renesent Properties will share easy to implement strategies that will help in unlocking the true value of your real estate assets. These include re-positioning, minor capital improvements, and access to advanced leverage and debt management techniques.

Risk Management and Monitoring

We provide you with a comprehensive program offering a detailed understanding of performance and risk, as well as managing issue-resolution processes.

Joint Venture Management

Our tenured leadership oversees joint venture partners to ensure continued compliance with agreement provisions such as waterfalls and service fees.


Our team leverages in-house real estate market knowledge to maximize net asset values and minimize risk potential for each clients’ specific portfolio needs.

  • Portfolio Risk Monitoring & Reporting

  • Investment & Reporting Policies

  • Financial Statement Reviews

  • Capital Call Approval & Monitoring

  • Knowledge Management

  • Appraisal Reviews

  • Independent Fiduciary Services